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This teacher shows how to use lip balm to calm kids (and it’s SUPER effective!)

In Great Britain, a teacher developed this incredible trick to calm the children in her class! A lip balm which improves the child behavior, but how ? The teacher pulls out her lip balms in the form of fragrant dots! Indeed, she told the British newspaper Mirror that kids would do anything to get one of the scent points.

You read that right, in his class it works in the form of scent points ! When the children have behaved well, they can smell the famous lip balm. The teacher told Mirror that it really works, and parents should try it at home. Especially parents who struggle to instill good behavior in their little ones.

The scented lip balm, a new essential accessory for the start of the school year?

As a teacher, it can be very difficult to keep children well behaved at all times, especially when they’ve gone away for the summer and haven’t gotten used to a classroom. for six weeks,” declared the teacher to the newspaper Mirror. She thinks she has found the ideal way prevent children from misbehaving in class.

@zelyassin Saw this idea on TikTok and gave it a try! The things they will do for one of these😂 #classroommanagement #teachersoftiktok #MessFreeHero #classroomtips #kindergarten ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

The teacher posted this video on TikTok in which we see her using a scented lip balm to draw on the back of children’s hands. This is as a reward for their good behavior. He is heard joking that they would do anything for the scent points. We imagine that the lip balms were offered in delicious scents!

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Commenting on her video, someone asked how it helps with classroom management, and the content creator replied, “The lip balm makes them want to follow the procedures/make better choices, and much more! I give them out randomly, so they always try to do their best to win it!“.

Another person suggested putting it higher on their arm, writing: “ Instead, try putting it on their wrist so they don’t get discouraged from washing their hands when they go to the bathroom!“. ” Great “wrote another Internet user, while another teacher said: what a great idea“. ” I love that ! I wish I had thought of that when I was teaching!“.

A teacher, she commented: “Working as a teaching assistant, I did that with my students. By the time I left, I had over 250 lip smacks! They still remember it too! »

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