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3 body treatments you MUST have

Coming back from vacation is never easy. On the other hand, if there is something that we appreciate, it is the fact of having taken colors. Generally, during the summer period, we take advantage of our holidays to go to the seaside. There, the program generally boils down to two great activities: beach and sunbathing !

When we come back from vacation, we are proud of our tan, but unfortunately it does not last forever! However, there are many tricks to make it last.

How long does a beautiful tan last?

And why does the tan not stay?

As you have seen, our tan fades fairly quickly over the days; especially when we no longer expose ourselves AT ALL. In reality, the tan only stays no more than a month. The reason ? It takes 28 days for our skin cells to regenerate. Thus, at the end of the cycle, we display tan-free skin with new cells, the keratinocytes.

Does showering or exfoliating your skin remove the tan?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. Can showering or simply exfoliating tanned skin remove the tan? Well no, it’s a Received idea. The tan is not entirely superficial. It is a reaction of our skin cells. To protect themselves from UV rays diffused by the sun, they activate their production of melanin, which colors the cells of the epidermis.

In the shower, we advise you to use a shower oil or a surgras soap to keep the skin well hydrated. A non-negligible detail that will allow you to keep your pretty tanned complexion longer.

The simple tip not to be overlooked for a perfect (and even!) golden tan

On the contrary, for a perfect tan that lasts longer, don’t hesitate to apply a gentle scrub before and a few days after your tanning session. This will remove dead cells and thus “tan” new skin cells.

Be careful, however, to apply sun protection to all of your skin (face and body) to avoid sunburn or worse, skin cancer. As a reminder, if UVC rays are stopped by the ozone layer (and thus do not reach our skin), UVA and UVB pass through it and are harmful. UVA rays are responsible for sunburn and are stopped by clouds. The worst rays from the sun are UVA rays. Always present, these are the ones that cause spots, premature skin aging, DNA damage and skin cancer.

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To keep a beautiful tan longer, the secret lies in particular in hydration. So be sure to drink 1 liter and a half of water a day, but also to nourish your skin twice a day. Morning and evening, use a moisturizer all over the body. Choose formulas rich in moisturizing active ingredients such as aloe vera or hyaluronic acid. Of course, the after-sun tan extender market is quite large. However, we have our favorites, and here are the three formulas we recommend!

After Sun pearly cream from Biotherm. This promises very good hydration to our body, and a little more: it offers a superb iridescent finish. What to sublimate the tan. Applied to our legs, its formula “blurs” our legs for perfect skin! 36 euros euros on sephora.fr

The natural after-sun from Respire. This fluid with a light and fresh texture is very pleasant to use in summer. It gives a boost, moisturizing the skin and taking care of our tan. As a bonus, its formula is vegan and composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin. 14 euros on sephora.fr

Monoï 3-in-1 moisturizing milk from Yves Rocher. Specially designed to repair sun damage on our skin, Yves Rocher’s Monoï 3-in-1 moisturizing milk releases a pleasant summer fragrance. Immediately after application, the skin is soothed and refreshed. And it is even possible to use it for the face! 6.99 euros on yves-rocher.fr

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