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can you really catch it in hair salons?

Survive Covid-19 and succumb to monkey pox? No way ! Nevertheless, the danger is there. And many Internet users ask questions on this new virus which seems to be very widespread throughout the world.

Monkeypox is a disease who takes care of himself, according to the WHO. And if it is spreading more and more in the United States, it is still very little publicized in the rest of the world. Its symptoms include: fever, headache, muscle aches, breathing problems (dry throat, stuffy nose, cough), swollen lymph glands, chills and redness resembling light bulbs. These usually appear on the face and/or hands, feet, torso, genitals and anus.

How is monkeypox transmitted?

This virus is transmitted through a direct contact with the Rashesor by exchange of bodily fluids. However, monkeypox can also be transmitted through prolonged face-to-face contact. It is therefore important to respect the sanitary measures in force, just like for the Covid-19. Wearing a mask is very important!

Monkeypox can be caught anywhere, perhaps even at the hair salon. Dr. Syra Madad explains: “Employees should practice hand hygiene blamelessand respect the health protocol disinfecting and cleaning all equipment used between each client. » Of course, we must not forget the mask, whether for the customer or the hairdresser! This should cover the nosethe stuffy and the chin.

You will therefore only have to respect the same gestures as during the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, with barrier gestures, the risk of catching monkeypox is reduced. And when you get home, wash your hands well. soap. This will eliminate as many bacteria as possible.

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What about the nail bar?

Some Internet users are also wondering how to do the nail bar. Indeed, the wellness session can turn into a nightmare if you catch monkeypox! Dr. Madad advises applying the same precautions, before adding: ” A eye protection would add another layer of protection to avoid coming into contact with saliva droplets. » Go out covered!

What if you thought the hydroalcoholic gel was your best friend, watch out! Indeed, it is very practical for ‘troubleshooting’, but hand washing should not be omitted with soap. If you follow all these measures, you will have very little risk of contracting monkeypox. And you can still afford these wellness sessions !

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