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Elizabeth II breaks more than 70-year-old tradition after Liz Truss’ appointment

Queen Elizabeth II once again made history on Tuesday, September 6 by accepting both the resignation of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and appointing new Prime Minister Liz Truss to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Liz Truss is the third female Prime Minister of England and the 15th Prime Minister to serve since the start of the Queen’s reign.

According to custom, Liz Truss was to take office as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom immediately after the meeting with Queen Elizabeth. However, not everything went as planned.

A tradition that does not go as planned

Breaking tradition, the 96-year-old Queen chose to move the venue for the investiture events due to her health and mobility issues which have persisted for several months now.

Indeed, since the beginning of her sovereignty, the queen appointed all the prime ministers within from Buckingham Palace. However, for a while now, the queen has granted herself a little rest at Balmoral Castle. A mansion built for Queen Victoria in the 1850s that has become a summer retreat for the Royal family.

The sovereign therefore chose to appoint British Prime Minister Liz Truss to Balmoral rather than returning to London for the occasion. She also greeted Boris Johnson, all leaning on a cane that helped her stand.

Queen Elizabeth II has to deal with health problems

Queen Elizabeth has been forced to miss several events in recent months due to her health issues. Just last week, she pulled out of the Braemar Gathering. Last July, she confirmed that she had handed over more of her duties as monarch to Charles.

Recently, she explained the need to use a cane because of problems walking due to the fact that the coronavirus, which she contracted in February, had left her exhausted.

The “Kissing Hands” ceremony, literally “kissing the hands”, also did not take place as in the past since the kiss on the hands, a marker of the constitutional monarchy, was replaced by a simple handshake.

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Also, following this interview, the new Prime Minister usually goes to Downing Street where the term officially begins. But this time, the trip will be a little longer for Liz Truss.

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