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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

updated on Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Rayane Bensetti is at the height of happiness! Already in love, he displays his new companion on social networks. The backdrop!

Rayane Bensetti does not need a lot of tricks to soften its subscribers! The darling of viewers in the show Dancing with the stars has not finished talking about him. His social networks, especially Instagram, are the ideal place for the young man to share his daily life with his million fans.

If on the heart side all is well for Rayane Bensetti, the young man wanted to introduce your new companion to its subscribers. Without endorsing the cap of influencer who does product placement at all costs, the actor knows how to federate a community.

The new companion of Rayane Bensetti cracks the Web!

Rayane Bensetti has indeed published a video of his new companion to its subscribers. The backdrop. ” He is much too cute”, “It looks like a funny plush”, we could read in the comments. But who is this adorable newcomer in the life of the 29-year-old comedian?

This is a little ginger cat that subscribers were able to meet through a cracking video posted by the star. “You Can’t Control Me”, he wrote in the caption. Indeed, a real session of fighting games between Ryane Bensetti and this adorable little red ball!

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Rayane Bensetti: “I quit the cinema”

The young actor prodigy made quite a scare to his community by recently announcing that he was thinking of quitting the cinema. Obviously it was a joke! ” I stop the cinema. I am going to become a sportsman. I train for the rooster. But hey, now I have to find a new playground! »

The actor is not ready to end his career since he has just completed a shoot with Michaël Youn. Denitsa Ikonomova’s former partner will also appear in the series Toulouse Lautrec. ” Shooting day, but still a sleepless night. Working on my project… I’ve been on it for two years… Soon the end! » he announced.

Rayane Bensetti’s career is off to a good start! Several shoots and projects in progress for the dancer. If he remains rather evasive, he still asks his fans to “stay tuned” so you don’t miss the latest news. We can’t wait to see more videos of his new four-legged friend!

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