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the chilling testimony of one of the children against his parents, “We are their salary”

“I have seen many things and experienced many things in this home”. Still traumatized, Bryan agreed to confide in the microphone of BFM TV about his childhood and the abuse his parents inflicted on his siblings.

Victims of daily abuse and violence from their parents, the couple’s 10 children, who lived in disgusting conditions, went through hell. “House of horror, the word is too weak »blows Bryan who, no longer supporting these humiliations, decided to file a complaint at the police station.

House of horror: the poignant testimony of Bryan, one of the couple’s children

“There is no family that I know of that works like that, with so much physical and verbal violence, he explains. I have experienced a lot of physical violence, a lot of verbal violence, and I am one of the children who has experienced all this violence the least. “.

And to add, sobs in his voice: I am the father of a little girl of twenty months and I see that one does not raise a child in such conditions (…) When a child leaves home, they make another child so they don’t lose a single amount of money. We are their salary, the money don’t go to the children “.

“We did not escape any of the violence”

On a daily basis, the siblings received, according to him, « beatings with sticks, whips, rackets, brooms “. We did not escape any of the violence »deplores the young man who specifies that some of his brothers and sisters had become the scapegoats of his parents.

When they weren’t getting hit, children were tied up for hours, sometimes 23 hours a day, “ with the diaper filled with excrement »says Bryan who also denounces the verbal abuse of his parents.

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The siblings witness “scenes of sexuality”

Worse still, the young dad evokes ” sex scenes » and in particular his father and his uncle who « showing each other their penises “. Images that, years later, still haunt him.

An investigation was opened following Bryan’s report. The couple, indicted, admitted the facts and were placed under judicial supervision before their trial next January. He faces three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros..

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