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The “Louis Vuitton” hair color is THE color trend of the month for September

Americans say she’s somewhere between brown and blonde! A shade of color, a Louis Vuitton brown which immediately gives a dimension to a haircut. Some color names sometimes leave us a little dubious. This one everyone knows. It is the exact color of a well-worn LV bag.

Just like the iconic bags, the color Louis Vuitton brown is classic, but at the same time unique! It is also found to be incredibly versatile and flattering. It goes very well with many face shapes as well as all skin colors. And unlike a bag or a Pochette, the brown Louis Vuitton won’t cost you thousands of dollars!

The Louis Vuitton trend your hair can’t live without

According to Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and European Creative Director for Evo Hair, the Louis Vuitton brown is the latest evolution of the brown trend loved by celebrities like Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss or Hailey Bieber. To imagine it, without seeing it, “pThink of the distressed leather color of a Louis Vuitton handbag”he explains to Glamour.

A gorgeous rich tan, not too pale, but not heavy or dark either. This shade is suitable for a variety of skin tones due to its medium depth and should be worn with healthy, flowing hair that shines to best show off the shade, added Tom Smith to the Glamor reporter.

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Louis Vuitton brown in autumn colors

Brown hair has always been a big hit. And as fall and winter approach, what better way to go with the changes in seasonal colors. Watch the changing vegetation and the stars who are already wearing Louis-Vuitton brown to feel inspired by this 2022 hair color trend.

If you’re looking for a lighter, brighter alternative to deeper chocolate undertones, here it is! Lighter than rich brown, Louis Vuitton brown is the perfect shade of brunette. With its warmer shades, it is also a nice nod to coppery trend popular at this time.

All you need is an afternoon at hair salon. To achieve this nuance, ask your stylist for a shade of medium light brown with a warm golden caramel tone “, says Tom Smith in his interview with Glamour. He also recommends using a color-enhancing treatment (of course, he recommends Evo’s) at home to keep the color as beautiful as the first days.

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