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The many benefits of CBD for your pet

We no longer present the CBD! Known for its benefits and soothing properties, CBD is short for cannabidiol, a molecule found in hemp.

Today, it is the veterinary use of CBD that will hold our attention. In the company of Pawell, specialist in the use of CBD for animal well-being, we will discover how to reduce the ailments of your dog or your cat thanks to CBD.

CBD for veterinary use

During their life, pets can face many problems, depending on their age, but also on their personality and the vagaries of everyday life. Whether it’s mobility, pain or behavior problems, CBD provides an effective and natural solution to fight against these various ailments.

“As with us humans, CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors, located in the central and peripheral nervous system. These receptors help regulate sleep, appetite, pain and stress. In other words, cannabidiol helps maintain the physiological balance of the body by allowing the endocannabinoid system to function well,” says the company Pawell.

Practical tips for taking care of your pet

With age and physical inactivity, animal welfare deteriorates. The numbers speak for themselves: 66% increase in arthritis over the last 10 years, 33% of dogs suffer from anxiety and 50% increase in intestinal problems over the last 5 years.

The natural CBD-based products developed by the Pawell company, both for cats and dogs, are intended to increase animal well-being over the long term thanks to unique formulas.

So how to choose the right cure according to the problems encountered by your pet? Here are some concrete tips.

  • How can you solve your pet’s mobility problems?

With age, pets tend to experience mobility problems, chronic pain related to osteoarthritis and/or aging. To remedy this, CBD oil for cats or CBD oil for dogs is your new ally. At the rate of 6 drops per day (3 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the evening) on ​​food or directly on the chops, your animal will find a second youth.

If the results can be felt after only a fortnight, a cure of at least one month is still recommended.

  • How can I help my dog ​​not suffer after an operation?

CBD oil for cats and CBD oil for dogs remain a particularly effective means of combating post-operative pain or an injury. However, other gourmet alternatives exist for your pet.

CBD pâtés for dogs and CBD terrines for cats, in addition to the usual food, guarantee a varied and complete diet while relieving chronic pain, age-related pain and post-operative pain.

For their part, CBD treats for dogs or cats can be integrated into their food routine. At the rate of 4 biscuits a day (2 biscuits in the morning and 2 biscuits in the evening), you will notice a real improvement in the well-being of your pet. Plus, they love it!

  • How can I prevent stress in my pet?

Pets have their own way of reacting to events and communicating their anxiety. Barking, meowing, transient aggression, leash pulling are alerts to take into consideration.

When the anxiety is behavioral, that is to say intrinsic to your animal’s personality, we advise you to take a course of CBD oil at the rate of 6 drops per day for the first year. Then, if the need arises, do not hesitate to renew the cure between 15 days and 1 month.

When the anxiety is conditioned by a particular event (appointment with the vet, moving house, going on vacation, etc.), we advise you to give a whole pipette of CBD oil one hour before the event in order to relax your animal from company.

  • What should I do if my animal suffers from itching or alopecia problems?

The Pawell CBD balm is a small remedy to effectively moisturize and soothe the pads, the nose, but also the various irritated areas of your pet. A dab of this balm, to be applied to the surface and massaged in until absorbed, is enough to overcome itching, possible hair loss, irritation while allowing better healing.

In conclusion…

Pawell accompanies you on a daily basis for the well-being of your animal. Do not hesitate to discover their universe and their many tips on the Instagram account Pawell.officiel.

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