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This 54-year-old woman has the longest eyelashes in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records

You Jianxiaa 49-year-old Chinese woman, is the holder of the world record longest eyelashes. Indeed, the latter measure more than 12 centimeters. They look like hair and go down the length of her face to her lower lips. As a guideline, normal length eyelashes measure less than a centimeter.

The forties got her record on June 28, 2016 and has never been dethroned since. Before her, a man held the title. Stuart Miller, a PhD student in agriculture and biological engineering, actually had eyelashes measuring 6.6 centimeters. Even more surprising: You Jianxia’s eyelashes have kept pushing over the years. On May 20, 2021, his longest eyelash measured then 20.5 centimeters.

The longest eyelashes in the world registered in the Guinness World Records

The pretty brunette offered her testimony to Guinness World Records. She explains : ” I first realized that my eyelashes were growing in 2015. They continue to grow slowly, becoming longer and longer. » « I actually consulted health professionals to find out why my eyelashes are longer than other people’s. The doctor couldn’t explain it, and he felt it was really amazing. “, she added.

According to The IndependentYou Jianxia noticed that the eyelashes on his left eyelid grew more than necessary during a nature retreat of 18 months. ” I kept wondering why I had such long eyelashes. Then I remembered that I had spent more than 480 days in the mountains, years ago. “, she reported. Before adding: So I thought my eyelashes must be a present offered by the Buddha. »

Indeed, You Jianxia thinks that her long eyelashes may be due to a divine intervention rather than a scientific reason. ” I also tried to find scientific reasons, such as Genoa or something else. However, no member of my family doesn’t have long eyelashes like me, so it can’t be explained. “, she confided. According to her, this unusual characteristic gives her strength daily.

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An unusual feature that makes the record holder happy

Despite the length of her unique eyelashes, the Chinese assures that they have noimpact on his life daily. “Thanks to my naturally long eyelashes, I don’t need to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner. My long natural eyelashes act like a long line ofeyeliner. », she explained. And to add: “Because my eyelashes are natural, I find it easy to wash my face and go about my daily business. They fall and grow back. Occasionally, they break if you pull them carelessly. »

His new record once again reaffirmed his love for her long eyelashes. She shares wanting to be the champion of “ different beauties like the women with the longest hair or the longest fingernails. ” I would like to say to other people who have unique beauties : let us rejoice together and promote happiness. A magnificent message to remind us that each woman is unique and that beauty also lies – and above all – in that!

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