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This cream sold at 8€ in pharmacies would be “the most powerful anti-wrinkle treatment in the world”

Staying young is a dream we all have. Unfortunately, it’s not given to everyone to be beautiful as they age. Thus, many cosmetic products exist to help us. Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging creams are all the rage.

But for some time now, hyaluronic acid has taken center stage. Natural product, we tear it off in all the stores for its anti-wrinkle properties. Many laboratories are developing products containing this ingredient. The creamhyaluronic acid has become a must have in the beauty routine!

And many TikTokers agree that one cream in particular caught their attention. And it’s about the cream Ialusetmanufactured by Juniper Laboratories. According to the influencers, this product is a miracle against wrinkles. Plus, you can find it at little price !

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A miracle cream?

Indeed, the 100 g tube would cost less than 10 €. A real boon for those looking for quality products, but accessible. A TikTokeuse presents the cream stating that it is “the most powerful hyaluronic acid in the world”. She adds : Supermodels and celebrities swear by it. »

And this influencer, @browneyedbrat555, concludes: “One of the most hydrating products I have ever used. » And many female TikTok users also shared their opinion, which is the same. For her, it is THE cream to buy. No more anti-wrinkle cream for more than €50 a jar!

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Be sure to read the manual carefully!

However, in the comments, many Internet users do not agree. Some even point out that this cream is not made for daily use on the face. And if you consult the instructions for use, you notice it immediately in the indications. Indeed, we can read: Healing in the treatment of uninfected, oozing or superinfected wounds, including leg ulcers. »

When you read the entire description, you can see that this cream is made for wounds. Of course, it is contraindicated for people with “known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid or any of its components”. But above all, it says: Ialuset is a medical device. It is not a cosmetic product. » In any case, the influencers seem to love it!

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