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this daring remark that ulcerated Kelly Vedovelli, “the most serious thing you can say”

The new season of Do not touch My TV restarted on August 29, to the delight of fans of the show. Cyril Hanouna and his merry band are back for new lively debates and even more clash ! This Monday, September 5, the troublemaker of the PAF precisely attacked Kelly Vedovelli. A remark that did not please the young woman at all, who expressed her disappointment in front of the cameras.

The relationship between Cyril Hanouna and Kelly Vedovelli are scrutinized. The rumor of a love relationship between the two only grows over the shows. Tired, the columnist decided to answer once and for all! This Monday, September 5, 2022, in Instagram story, the young woman therefore answered a question from a user who asked her if she was in a relationship. To which she replied: NOPE », all accompanied by a GIF of Paris Hilton. This one has her arms crossed and is visibly very upset. A return that has the merit of being clear!

Cyril Hanouna attacks Kelly Vedovelli live

Kelly Vedovelli shared others confidences on her status as a columnist in Touche pas à mon poste. On Instagram, she let her fans know that she had to become animator in this comeback. “I was supposed to host 6 à 7, the show before TPMP, but I have a problem with being legit and I don’t think I am. »she said. “There’s nothing worse than improvising, especially in this area. So, I leave that to the pros and those who are comfortable with it. L’egothat’s good, but the qualityit’s good too “she explained

If Kelly Vedovelli refused this new role for this start of the school year, she continues to evolve within Touche pas à mon poste. And the show restarted with its share of novelties ! Cyril Hanouna welcomed a new recruit this Monday, September 5. The host of C8 mentioned a new column, dedicated to the media news of the day. ” In a moment there will be a new recruit », he explained to his columnists. Before adding: She is in total stress. “Diana therefore made her entrance on the set, for this whole new size.

Cyril Hanouna took advantage of the presence of Diana to ask her if she had met the columnists before the show. The pretty brunette reported having already exchanged with Valerie Benaim and Guillaume Genton. Regarding the others, she has not yet had the opportunity to discuss with them. The opportunity for the host to ask her if she met Kelly Vedovelli. Diana then replied ” Nope ” while specifying that she finds it very pretty. It didn’t take Cyril Hanouna more to make a humor.

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Kelly Vedovelli, offended by Cyril Hanouna’s remark

The answer of Cyril Hanouna to Diana’s remark on Kelly Vedovelli did not please the main concerned at all. Indeed, he then launched: “VDo you think that’s what she’s here for? “, in reference to the physique of the young woman. This naughty spade had the merit of annoying him. “I think that’s the thing the worst that you can say, replied Kelly Vedovelli.

Wanting to rectify the situation, Cyril Hanouna quickly added: “If you were only beautiful, you would be at home “. And to add: “I have seen beauties who are still at home”. ” Looked Pernikoff », dropped Matthew Delormeau, causing general hilarity on set. A remark that has relaxed the atmospherebut which probably did not please the main interested party!

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