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this TikTokeuse has found the MAGIC pair

We women love shoes. Pumps, sandals, boots, we need several models to be sure to have a pair of shoes to match our outfit. Heeled, high, flat, with straps, it doesn’t matter, as long as they suit us! But when we have wide calveshard to find the right pair of boots.

Indeed, most boots are modeled on rather small calves. However, when we have a little more than musclesor that our calves are simply more prominent, how to do ? Sometimes, some brands offer special models for large calves. But there is a pair of magic boots that will appeal to many.

And it is the TikTokeuse ‘Kiwi’, from the channel @pinku_kiwi, who makes us discover them. She explains that she fell for a pair of boots she saw in a video. But she said to herself: Never in my life do my calves fit! » The influencer then proceeds to measure her calves, and announces the result: “About 36 centimeters! »

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The perfect boots for big calves

The young woman brings together more than 2.3 million subscribers. And she seems to have unearthed THE pair of boots that will suit our calves! She ordered them, then tries them on in her TikTok video. We see her putting them on, like socks.

At the end of the video, she explains that she does not have “the biggest calves in the world”. She adds : “But if you have calves around 35 centimeters that don’t usually fit in this sort of thing… Well, that’s ok! It fits ! » And indeed, these shoes look great on her!

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Our wide calves finally fit into boots!

A real godsend for all women who have wider than normal calves. The delicate choice of boots is very easy with this pair! These boots are inspired by the sock boots from the NAKED WOLFE brand. They are available online !

In addition, no more worry about the zipper. Indeed, we are often afraid that it will crack or open when we walk or move in boots. With these shoes, this concern is forgotten, since they slip on like socks. And you and your wide calves can only be delighted!

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