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this “unpleasant as possible” contender infuriates viewers

Love is in the meadow resumed for 3 weeks now for a 17th season. But recently, a suitor has been talked about a lot… Jean, a 58-year-old farmer, has chosen two women to follow him in his adventures on the farm: Laurence and Nathalie.

However, the adventure is far from starting on a good basis since tension has arisen between the two competitors. Monday, September 5, during a new episode of the show broadcast on M6, viewers were able to witness several conflicts between the two women.

A reciprocal preference

During this last episode, Jean offered to help the contenders with the tasks. Laurence and Nathalie had to wear boots to cut wood, which allowed Jean to determine which one is the most adept at the required tasks.

Jean then confesses to the M6 ​​cameras:“Nathalie knows better how to manage the work offered to her”. The crush is mutual since Nathalie also confided in her affinity: “He’s someone I would like a lot because he’s imposing and I’m very speedy”.

It was during a walk in the forest that Nathalie decided to take action by making a bouquet of flowers, a romantic moment which ends when the candidate begins to attack her rival.

The fifty-year-old blonde claims that Laurence would tend to copy her “Laurence she made a bouquet because I started to make a bouquet. If I wasn’t picking flowers, she wouldn’t have made a bouquet. But hey mine is prettier. It annoys me that people do what I do. I’m not going to hang her if she picks up flowers” she says. Which did not fail to agitate the web.

A virulent rivalry between Nathalie and Laurence

Very competitive, Nathalie also underlined: “I’m happy not to be the first like that I saw all the gestures that should not be done, and that she did”. The atmosphere deteriorated a little more at the supermarket when the two candidates opposed each other concerning the recipe for quiche Lorraine. Laurence admitted not wanting to let things go: “I try to assert my choices, because it’s a girl who commands.

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Because of her nonchalant and very harsh attitude towards Laurence, Nathalie is booed on social networks. And yet, Jean, he is totally conquered. On Twitter, Internet users are going wild. “Nathalie the blonde there, she thinks she knows everything and knows everything so much that I wonder how she did not discover America 🥴 Inflate her! », comments one of them when another gets annoyed: “As much as Nathalie is unpleasant as possible, the other has no personality to copy everything #adp2022”. Criticisms which the main interested party prefers to ignore…

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