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this unusual new technique already has several million views on TikTok

While he had been shunned for several years, the lip liner has made a strong comeback and since then, it has become a true makeup essential that we can’t live without. Whether you choose to apply lipstick or a gloss, you automatically go through the “lip liner” box first.

The lip liner allows you to to prepare the lips for better hold then lipstick, but not only. Its primary function is to precisely draw the outline of our mouth for an impeccable result and particularly clean.

Cheating rather than succumbing to hyaluronic acid injections

For many women, lip liner is also a good way to cheat a bit and outline. That is to say that we do not quite follow the contour of our mouth with the pencil, but that we shift it a little bit to give the impression of having fuller lips.

Here, it is not a question of drawing a line several millimeters from our natural line, but rather of passing just above it. So the optical illusion is perfectly successful! And that, many women have understood. Many of them show this great technique on social networks.

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Until then, everyone lined their lips in the simplest way; that is, following the line of his mouth. However, a young woman seems to have found an even more convincing solution. Katia Haek actually draw an oval to give the impression of even fuller lips.

@katiahaek ⚠️ New technique alert ⚠️ #ovallining#ovalliningtechnique#liplinerhack#beautyhacks#makeuptutorial ♬ original sound – katia Haek

In a video shared through her TikTok account, she advises us to stop ditching overlining for ovallining. She then begins by drawing a small line of about 1 or 2 millimeters on the top and bottom of her lips. She will then come to connect these two markings to make a circle.

Immediately his mouth appears much more meaty. It finishes with a touch of gloss to further accentuate the luscious effect. And voila !

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