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your daily horoscope for Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Today we woke up with a beautiful Aquarius Moon.

This Moon has the particularity of creating a beautiful feeling of freedom when it is well aspected, and this is the case today!

Mercury, Jupiter and Mars make a beneficial aspect to the Moon in Aquarius on this day. This synergy will give a lot of freedom of action, expression and self-affirmation for all signs of the zodiac!

Beautiful day under the blue sky!

Horoscope for Wednesday September 7, 2022: love, health, work…


Your planetary ruler, Mars, is very well aspected today, which means his energy is flowing through you strongly, and with good vibrations. Take the opportunity to go out and meet new people!


The Moon in Aquarius forms a beneficial aspect with the air element signs today. This promotes the desire to communicate and open up to new experiences. In your case, be careful with the expenses if you decide to go out. You could quickly go overboard!


On this day, Mars in your sign brings you a large dose of efficiency and the ability to act. Take advantage of this blessed contact with the Moon and Jupiter to come up with innovative ideas that will set you apart from the rest!


The energy of freedom and lightness that the Moon in Aquarius brings today can scare your sensitive soul accustomed to security. But this energy is safe and it asks you to follow it. Let yourself be carried away to new adventures!


The Moon in your house of romance will ask you to think back to old loves and friendships you left behind. Review your past mistakes in the present, because you might be repeating patterns!


Today you might have a very useful idea, with which you would earn a lot of money. Try to take advantage of the beneficent influence of your planetary ruler, Mercury, who receives very good aspects on this day. Trust your intellect, today you will be brilliant!


Today you will feel communicative. You will want to share your opinions and ideas with others. But be careful, because if the intention is good, Jupiter will set traps for you. Do not talk too much, and avoid blunders!


This day is ideal for spending time at home, Dear Scorpio. Take the opportunity to stay calm with your loved ones, the Moon in the astrological zone of the hearth of your chart will help you create an ideal atmosphere for having a good time!


This morning you will wake up in high spirits and high spirits when your planetary ruler, Jupiter makes blissful contact with the Moon in your astrological zone of mind. Take the opportunity to think about new projects!


Your astrological zone of finances will be invested by the Moon and Jupiter today. It could bring you luck! So do not hesitate to make investments or play games of chance!


The Moon is in your sign today and boosts your creativity and inspiration. Follow your instincts and do not doubt yourself, because the planets wish you well on this day.

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Your planetary ruler, Neptune, always makes a wonderful aspect with Pluto, and the Moon in Aquarius passes through your house of the unconscious. Take advantage today to swim in the deep waters of your imagination. Then, seek to externalize all that you have in your internal world to share it with others.

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