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A woman shaves her legs in the public swimming pool of a hotel (Video)

There are people who feel comfortable everywhere, especially during the holidays! This is the case of this lady who chose to shave your legs by the public swimming pool of his hotel. The unusual scene was filmed by amazed tourists, as told Oh ! My Mag! A moment that is both funny and awkward!

This woman is one by one, no pun intended, to get everyone out of the hotel pool! Have you ever considered perfecting your hair removal in front of everyone, confusing public place and private bathroom ? However, swimmers do not seem to want to stop their nautical activities!

This woman shaves her legs by the public swimming pool

The scene took place in Florida, which did not escape the high heat of summer. The comments under the video are not particularly pleasant! ” Look at her ! Oh my God ! Will she do her crotch afterwards? », « It’s disgusting ! Imagine swallowing a little water as it sometimes happens… With all his hair! “, “I was a lifeguard and I thought I had seen everything… Until I saw this video”, “I have worked in a public swimming pool before and for some reason these places seem to attract worst humans on earth. I’m never going to go swimming in a public pool again”, “And if she cuts herself with the razor huh? There can be blood in the water and it sucks for people…”

Well, it must be said that the swimming pools are real breeding grounds for bacteria so a little more or a little less… In 2018, a study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that more than 27,000 swimmers fell ill following their use of public swimming pools.

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