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after the attack on his 89-year-old mother, his son testifies and cracks in the middle of the program “I kill them all 3”

On Monday August 29, three minors aged 14 and 15 mugged and robbed an 89-year-old lady in a residence of Cannes-La-Bocca. His son, René, shared his testimony about this tragic event that struck his family. Referred on Thursday, September 1, the three attackers will be summoned at the end of November before the court for children. The old lady, meanwhile, was taken care of in intensive care. The medical examiner set his ITT period at seven days.

This Monday, September 5, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists received the son and granddaughter of the victim. They first gave new of the octogenarian: She came out today. […] I’m afraid she wants no more going out, I would like her to move, but she does not want to. », they confided. Cyril Hanouna then questioned René about the responsibility of the three minors in this case. A question that caused the anger of man on set.

A moving testimony on the Touche plateau not at my post

Still under the influence of emotion vis-à-vis the state of his mother, René launched, in tears : “ Stuff like that needs to stop. Justice, there, she do nothing. ” This assault also shocked the political class, who was indignant on social networks. David Lisnard, the mayor of Canneswrote to Gérald Darmanin to ask him to lift, in cases of such serious attacks, the minority excuse, reports Nice morning. He wishes that ” the perpetrators of such acts are considered as litigants in their own right “.

The mayor of Cannes is also calling for sanctions against the families of the attackers. ” In addition to the legal decisions that will be taken, I ask you to do everything possible to immediately suspend the payment of any welfare for the benefit of families. For my part, I have already asked their eviction from housing they benefit from with the donors concerned “, he wrote. Measures that in no way take away the pain and theRene’s indignation.

In response to Cyril Hanouna’s question, René insisted on the importance of a exemplary condemnation. “Did you see the violence of the blow he gave her? If I see them I kill them all three. I’m going there jailme, for my mother. », he confided in tears, facing the upset columnists. For René, this kind of act is not ” not forgivable. “There is no excuse. I’ve done some shit in my life, but never stuff like this. Aller goes after easy prey, it is much too simple. »he lamented.

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René and his family do not intend to stop there. ” It has to move, it has to rise as high as possible for there to be more firmness. »he launched on the plateau of Touche not at my post. “I wish they were really punished. Not that they’ll be released overnight. », he added. The perpetrator of the blows and the bag thief are being prosecuted for “ aggravated theft in a meeting and with violence on a vulnerable person “. Whoever filmed the scene is being prosecuted for complicity.

René also explained that his mother had not realized that it was an assault. ” She thought she was fallen. It was the firefighters who told him what had happened to him. », did he declare. According to France Bleu Azur, there were only about thirty euros in the wallet that the young people stole. ” She doesn’t even blame her abusers. », the son said on set. The old lady came out of thehospital and currently remains surrounded by her loved ones.

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