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here is the PRECISE temperature Macron wants the French to warm to this winter

If inflation is raging and spares no sector (or almost), the energy sector is particularly impacted by soaring prices… For this reason, many French people fear the arrival of winter and its low temperatures.

To limit the damage and avoid gas and electricity rationing during the coldest months of the year, solutions exist. On Monday September 5, Emmanuel Macron spoke at a press conference. In particular, he revealed the ideal indoor temperature to bet on this winter.

Rise in energy prices: the indoor temperature recommended by Emmanuel Macron

To achieve energy savings for each citizen, the President of the Republic recommends that the French limit heating to 19°C when cold weather sets in. He begins by stating: Each of you has your role to play “.

Before continuing: The most effective thing to do is to try to set yourself on a heating reference, as soon as it starts to get cold, around 19°C in the room to maintain the ambient temperature. “.

If we make this small collective effort, then the country will be able to achieve its sobriety objectives quite spontaneously. “, concludes Emmanuel Macron. But then, what do you think of this recommendation? Is a temperature not exceeding 19°C beneficial for us? The answer is yes !

19°C: the ideal temperature for sleep

As far as sleep is concerned – one of the great pillars of health – 19°C already embodies an ideal. Indeed, according to ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the perfect temperature in the bedroom would be between 16 and 19 degrees. Not one more!

For babies and young children, we are talking ideally about 18 to 20 degrees. This is explained by the fact that it is at these temperatures that the body reaches a certain thermal neutrality. At 19°C, he does not need to regulate his temperature, which makes it easier to rest.

This cool temperature also makes it easier to fall asleep! And for good reason: it slows down blood circulation, which makes it easier to find sleep and more complete recovery during the night.

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So, why not follow this advice which is as much for our good as for that of the planet? In the columns of Echoesthe managing director of Engie, Catherine Mac Gregor, declared that only “ one degree less over a period of twelve months represents 10 to 15 terawatt hours of gas saved “.

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