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Thursday, September 8, 2022

updated on Thursday, September 8, 2022

The TV movie soon to be broadcast on TF1, Le Mystère Daval, is already causing a lot of ink to flow. Internet users are offended against the chain.

It is a story that moved the whole of France at the time of the events. On October 28, 2017, Jonathan Daval had launched the alert concerning the disappearance of his wife, Alexia, in tears in front of the cameras. Two days later, the body of the young mother was found charred in a forest. After accusing his brother-in-law, the murderer will finally confess his crime on January 30, 2018.
Highly publicized because a true symbol of feminicide, this sordid story was the subject of a TV movie produced by TF1. Entitled The Daval Mystery and already available on the Salto platform, Internet users chanted their anger. ” TF1, you have no dignity, making a film about the Daval affair… Everything is worth cashing in on. sh*t world » ; ” It’s a joke! TF1 which is making a TV movie on the Alexia Daval affair! You don’t think she can rest in peace…”relay Acute Woman.

The Daval mystery angers internet users

This is not the first TV movie that TF1 has offered, adapted from a murder case real. Last year, viewers were able to watch A French Affairrecounting the mysterious story of little Grégory or the adaptation of the terrible story of Jacqueline Sauvagethen interpreted with accuracy by Muriel Robin.

A netizen deplored the desire to make money on the backs of the victims and bereaved families. ” After little Grégory, Jacqueline Sauvage, TF1 is making a TV movie about Daval… Or how to make easy money, on cases where there are deaths. Will they also have the indecency to deal with the case of poor little Maëlys? I vomit the direction of this channel! »

The actress who plays Alexia Daval, Maud Baecker, had feared negative reactions but rather from relatives of the victim. ” We have tried to be as close as possible to reality. This is the adaptation of a book by two journalists who followed the case. There is no bias or extrapolation. The idea was to show as rigorously as possible the progress of this investigation. »

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TF1, in the viewfinder of Internet users following the TV movie on the murder of Alexia Daval

A user is offended that the channel “Makes money on a feminicide. In this ‘fiction’, the murderer is put forward and frankly Daval does not deserve it”. The TV movie, which will be broadcast on September 12, is already causing a lot of ink to flow. TF1 has not yet reacted to the controversy, but some Internet users are wondering if the money won could not be donated to associations fighting against violence against women.

As a reminder, since January 1, 2022, 79 feminicides have already been sadly recorded. Although women are increasingly speaking out and denouncing their torturers to the police, it seems that there is still a long way to go. Courage to the family of Alexia Daval.

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