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Less than 160€ for a stay in Tunisia

Why go on vacation in Tunisia?

  • Varied landscapes: long sandy beaches, mountains, desert, Tunisia offers an exceptional setting for holidays
  • Sunshine all year round: the advantage of going to Tunisia is that the weather is good all year round. Imagine yourself under the Tunisian sun when it’s 0 degrees in France, not bad, isn’t it?
  • Rich cultural heritage: Tunisia is home to many historical sites and monuments such as the city of Carthage, the oasis of Tozeur, picturesque villages with sumptuous architecture such as that of Sidi Bou Saïd and world-famous archaeological sites.
  • Delicious gastronomy: It’s a real pleasure to settle in a small local restaurant and enjoy a generous cuisine. On the menu, you will have the choice between the famous couscous, a tajine, keftas (spicy meatballs), chakchouka (egg-based preparation) or even briks, these famous stuffed donuts.
  • Affordable rates: Tunisia is an attractive destination and the price is one of the arguments that motivate tourists to come. Most hotels offer all-inclusive packages.
  • Easily accessible : Coming to Tunisia is very easy: less than 3 hours by plane from several French cities.
  • Ideal for family vacations : The country offers activities that will appeal to young and old: camel rides, Spa with massages, cultural visits accessible to all, many hotels with swimming pools and sports activities, parents and children will be delighted.




Marie France in partnership with Perfectstay


  • Upgrade to a Standard Pool View Room
  • All-inclusive formula
  • Flights departing from the city of your choice
  • Thalassotherapy center

With permanent sunshine and an ideal sea temperature, Zarzis is a perfect spot from January to December for your next vacation. The seaside resort is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, young and old will be charmed. If you feel like taking an excursion, the desert is located nearby : you can discover these magnificent landscapes on a quad or on the back of a camel, a change of scenery guaranteed.




Marie France in partnership with Perfectstay


  • Living room in a double room with garden view
  • All-inclusive formula
  • Flights departing from the city of your choice
  • Spacious swimming pool and Spa

For several years, Hammamet has been the destination number one in Tunisia, it offers everything necessary for a successful stay. It is famous for its long beaches and its azure blue water, ideal if you like idleness. The city of Hammamet also offers a magnificent traditional setting. Its Medina is one of the prettiest in the country, it is made up of small typical alleys, it is very pleasant to walk there sheltered from the heat. In the evening, admire the sunset from the kasbah at the top of the ramparts, it’s a real visual spectacle.




Marie France in partnership with Perfectstay


  • Upgrade to a Standard Sea View Room
  • All-inclusive formula
  • Flights departing from the city of your choice
  • Water slides and Thalassotherapy

Sousse, a city between culture and idleness ideal for holidays with family or friends. With its relaxing atmosphere, its magnificent beaches and its luxurious hotels, Sousse offers a privileged setting for holidays in Tunisia. The city of Sousse is a very attractive destination endowed with a most remarkable cultural heritage. Furthermore the mildness of its climate cradling its large fine sandy beach will delight young and old alike.




Marie France in partnership with Perfectstay


  • Stay in a standard double room
  • All-inclusive formula
  • Flights departing from the city of your choice
  • Beach at 200m

Direction the island of Djerba for relaxing vacation in the famous seaside resort of Djerba. On the program, a comfortable hotel with swimming pool and beach for a lazy stay under the Tunisian sun. The climate of the island is very peaceful, hence its nickname Djerba la douce. The setting is ideal for resting, you will have the choice between fine sandy beaches, historical monuments of the island or boat trip to nearby islands.

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