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Madonna is now redheaded and without eyebrows, her fans do not recognize her

Each new season makes us want to change. Summer is coming to an end and here we are already thinking about our fall outfits, but also about our next beauty updates. No more pastel colors, blond and scarves in the hair, we now favor orange hues and darker colors, but still warm.

Back to school is also the perfect opportunity to make an appointment with the hairdresser. We change our hair color, then we take the opportunity to cut the tips and freshen up our lengths. The stars have also taken the time to change their hair look.

A coloring that Madonna already wore in the 2000s

This is particularly the case of Madonna ! The Queen of Pop has once again surprised her community with a brand new hair craze. Radical change of style for Madonna who traded her blonde hair to finally reconnect with a striking color that she had already sported in the 2000s.

Madonna shared this Wednesday, September 7, a series of pictures of her on her Instagram account. She then does not appear blonde, but redhead. Alongside Dominican rapper Tokischa, Madonna is unrecognizable. She has long, smooth fiery hair with exposed brown roots. It actually looks like a wig.

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But this is not the only change made by Madonna. The singer also made the decision to pluck her eyebrows and bleach them. These are now imperceptible. But do not panic ! This is the look chosen by the queen as part of the filming of the music video Hung Up in duet with Tokischa.

In the streets of New York, the Madonna surprised passers-by, but not only. The photos posted on Instagram also made noise. Some of her fans were actually surprised by this latest hair madness and did not recognize, for some, the singer. “Who are you?”, “Jocelyne Wildenstein, is that you?”, “Are you trying to look like someone else?”can we read in the comments left below his post.

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