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Thursday, September 8, 2022

updated on Thursday, September 8, 2022

After the death of Elizabeth II, Charles becomes king and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles queen consort. Forgotten scandals resurface…

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, as Queen Elizabeth II passed away, all eyes turned to England’s new rulers: King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles. It was enough for forgotten scandals to resurface…

Things are happening in Buckingham! Before being officially with Camilla, Prince Charles potentially had a relationship with the one who celebrates her 75th birthday this month. Discretion oblige, it is only today that the scandal bursts. Was Prince Charles cheating on Diana?

It is a telephone conversation that has been revealed between Prince Charles and Camilla. The scandal has a name: the Camillagate! This is the Duchess of Cornwall, who would have had extra-marital relations with the son of the Queen of England. The relationship between Charles and Camilla were no longer really a secret, following a press article published in 1993, in a British newspaper.

Camilla and Charles: the conversation that shocks public opinion

“I want to feel right up against you, on you, up and down, inside and out,” says Elisabeth II’s son. “Oh, my God, I would like to live hidden in your pants, this swould be much easier to see you,” Prince Charles continues, to which Camilla replies, “What are you going to do, turn you into a pair of panties ? » Charles then retorts: “I could – God forgive me – turn into a Tampax! », he suggests. Then, in his naughty outburst, the prince adds that he would like to press its button harder and harder”.

Until now, we didn’t know that Prince Charles could have this kind of vocabulary! Each on their side, Camilla and Charles were married. Their love was born in secret. The burning declarations of the Prince of Wales did not stop there. ” I can’t start the week without you. Your great achievement is to love me. » The Duchess is also on fire and responds: “I would bear anything for you. It’s love. It is the strength of love. » It is therefore a real passion between the two lovers. The scandal is at the height of their love! And their love lasts forever. The death of Princess Diana, which tragically occurred in Paris in 1997, will have left room for this love to be formalized. However, Prince Charles is very embarrassed to see, once again, his private life exposed in the press.

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