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what is the catastrophe of Aberfan, the greatest regret of his reign?

The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon “, Buckingham Palace announced in a press release. It is now his eldest son, Prince Charles, who will reign under the name of Charles III. A role for which the husband of Camilla Parker Bowles has prepared all his life. From her long reign, Elizabeth II for her part, only kept one single regret.

On October 21, 1966, a landslide in Aberfan claimed the lives of 144 people, including 116 schoolchildren. A drama that shook the country and that was going to have disastrous consequences for Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II haunted by the Aberfan disaster

And for good reason, after the Aberfan disaster, the queen initially refused to make the trip. An attitude that earned him an avalanche of criticism in the national press. Faced with the scold, Elizabeth II had no choice but to give in and finally went to Aberfan eight days later.

Royal expert Gyles Brandreth returned to this controversy in his logbook published on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee in 2002. He mentioned in particular his conversation with Lord Martin Charteris, the Queen’s private secretary. in his younger years.

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The Queen’s ‘biggest regret’

According to him, the late reaction of the sovereign remained her ” biggest regret “. A major event in British history recently revisited in the Netflix series The Crown.

In the latter, the monarch, interpreted by Olivia Colman, upset by this unnamed drama, sheds what she describes as being “the first tear of her life”. Still very marked by this disaster, Elizabeth II frequently went to the mining village to pay tribute to the memory of those who had lost their lives there.

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