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‘World’s Most Muscular Kid’ Turns 30 Today and He’s Changed a Lot

If the silhouette of this child tells you something, it’s normal! It was at the age of 6 that he made himself known and became a real star. The reason for its success? His musculature, spectacular for his young age.

Richard Sandrak, who was nicknamed “The most muscular child in the world” or “Little Hercules”, displayed an incredible plate of abdominals. Photos featuring him have long made the rounds on social networks.

What happened to “The most muscular child in the world”?

Born in Ukraine from a martial arts champion father and an aerobics champion mother, he evolved in optimal conditions. From an early age, the boy maintained his bodybuilder body with the help of numerous bodybuilding sessions. He started at 2 years old!

The one who was able to lift 82 kilos in the bench press at 6 years old is unrecognizable. Richard Sandrak is now 30 years old! Her body has changed tremendously. And for good reason: the young man stopped bodybuilding at 11 years old.

It was when his father got into legal trouble and was convicted of domestic violence that “Little Hercules” retired from the world of bodybuilding. He has now changed paths, but remains in the world of show business.

I am very proud of my past »

Indeed, according to the latest news, Richard Sandrak is a stuntman for the Universal Studios Hollywood Waterr Show. The latter explains that he does not regret anything about his past: “ I’m very proud of my past, it’s not something I want to hide from people “, did he declare.

He still admits to being happy that this part of his life is now behind him. Today, he has brand new ambitions that have nothing to do with muscles and gyms.

Also to be read

Indeed, during one of his last interviews, Richard Sandrak had explained that he dreamed of becoming a scientist and working for NASA. Case to follow!

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