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your daily horoscope for Thursday, September 8, 2022

Today, the magnificent Moon in Aquarius brings us freedom, but also limits, as the evening luminary will be in conjunction with Saturn today. This will allow us to set healthy boundaries in order to be better with ourselves.

The task is not easy, but it can bring great joy.

Mars and Mercury will help you communicate gently and intelligently… Be reassured!

Beautiful day under the blue sky…

Daily horoscope for Thursday, September 8, 2022: love, health, work…


Today is about setting healthy boundaries for friends and family. It would also be good to limit yourself in the use of social networks so as not to be so dependent on a virtual world that you miss out on reality!


Uranus in your sign makes difficult contact with the Moon and Saturn today. Pay attention to your attitude, try not to be too abrupt in your demands, especially with your work colleagues. Put water in your wine!


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in aspect with Jupiter and Mars today, which will have you talking without thinking! So be careful, when you express yourself, not to exaggerate your words, you could come across as a liar.


If your intuition tells you that there are people who don’t deserve you, then you shouldn’t trust anyone in your circle of friends. If this is something you’ve felt before, maybe it’s time to take action to make it clear that you won’t tolerate betrayal. The Moon and Saturn will give you courage!


The Sun and Venus are in aspect with Mars today, which forces you to pay close attention to your bank accounts and your expenses. Don’t miss this star warning, because it could have consequences!


Your natural talent for organizing everything will be reinforced by the Moon and Saturn today. Try not to become manic in your quest for perfection. It could tire you out unnecessarily.


Your self-esteem is not at its best today, dear Libra, and rightly so! Your ruling planet, Venus, is not in a good relationship with Mars at the moment and stirs up your insecurities. Courage, tomorrow will be another day!


Good love advice will come from someone close to you. Listen carefully as they might go unnoticed as a passing comment, but Saturn is wise and will give you what you deserve if you pay attention.


Back to school is harder than you thought, Dear Sagittarius Friend. Your head is racing, but try to reason with yourself and not overwork yourself. Uranus in your work zone could bring you closer to burnout! Attention !


Your ruling planet, Saturn, is in conjunction with the Moon, which makes you emotional today. But it can also help you become aware of the feelings you are suppressing, especially about yourself. Take the bull by the horns and fix your complexes.


Some misunderstandings with family members may persist. It would be good for you to use the energy of the Moon in your sign with Saturn to seek a new solution-oriented approach, without forgetting your limits.

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The Moon in Aquarius with Saturn in your twelfth house could bring up memories of something you’ve buried and would like to forget. If these feelings are coming back now, you need to revisit them. Do not look away and use this time to empty your unconscious.

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