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are your banknotes and coins bearing the image of the Queen still usable?

The UK is in mourning. On Thursday September 8, 2022, Elizabeth II died “peacefully” in the afternoon. This was revealed in the royal press release announcing the sad news.

After the death of the sovereign, many things are about to change on the other side of the Channel. Starting with the title of the one who holds the historical record of longevity of the title of heir to the United Kingdom.

Death of Elizabeth II: many changes to expect

Prince Charles becomes Charles III. From the national anthem to stamps, passing by passports… The face of the new king of England will soon appear everywhere, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other countries of the world.

And the official currency is obviously not going to be an exception to the rule. If the effigy of Elizabeth II appeared there until now, her profile will be replaced by that of her eldest son, who succeeds her.

But then, do the coins and banknotes representing the queen remain usable? This is the question that many are asking! Especially those who only travel to the UK occasionally and have a few tickets in the back of their wallets.

Will the Queen’s coin still be usable?

What you should already know is that the new coins and new banknotes bearing the effigy of Charles III must already have gone into production. In any case, this is what the British tabloids say.

However, the change will be gradual. This new currency will soon be put into circulation, while the pounds sterling displaying the profile of the queen will be gradually withdrawn.

You will have understood it: the coins and banknotes bearing the effigy of Elizabeth II are not about to stop circulating. No problem: they remain valid for transactions until a certain date which will have to be specified shortly.

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As reminded C newswhen George VI – the father of the late sovereign – died, coins bearing his likeness remained in circulation for almost twenty years after his death.

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