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French influencer confuses Queen and First Lady before apologizing

On Thursday September 8, 2022, Elizabeth II died “peacefully” in the afternoon. Internationally, many public figures have paid and continue to pay tribute to the late sovereign.

Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron, Pope Francis, Celine Dion, Elton John… Emotional messages are pouring in from all over the world. Among the various tributes paid to the one who was queen for seven decades, one particularly caught the attention of internet users…

The blunder of Océane El Himer: the influencer confuses Elizabeth II and Brigitte Macron

The latter was published in the Instagram story of a famous French influencer: Océane El Himer. The 29-year-old is known for appearing on reality shows such as The Princes and Princesses of Love, The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World or Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers.

When the death of the Queen of England was announced, the 29-year-old young woman – like many – took to her social networks to pay tribute to her. To do this, she published a black and white photo on which he was written: “ RIP 1926-2022 “. So far, so good…

The problem is that Océane El Himer was seriously mistaken. The shared photo was in fact not that of Elisabeth II, but that of the first lady: Brigitte Macron! The story was later deleted.

Inevitably, the error of the influencer – followed by more than a million people – did not go unnoticed. She was even captured before the post went missing and didn’t take long to make the rounds on social media…

I thought it was real »

Océane El Himer was quick to speak in her story, still on Instagram. She indeed explained that she shared the image posted by another influencer – Audren Dimitris – without really paying attention, when it was second degree.

The influencer says: In no way did I want to make self-mockery or a comparison. I was on Insta, I came across Audren Dimitris’ first story. So I reposted directly without thinking it was self-mockery, I thought it was real “.

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Océane El Himer finally concludes by apologizing to the wife of the President of the Republic: “ My apologies to Mrs. Brigitte Macron “.

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