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his son Lino, 10 years old, “execrable”? Matthieu Delormeau makes shocking revelations

Thunderbolt on the Touche board not at my post! A new columnist Nino Arial, made shocking revelations about Matthieu Delormeau. The new recruit threw a huge folder on the host of TPMP People. Words that angered Cyril Hanouna. The latter then took severe measures against his columnist.

According to the YouTubeur, Matthieu Delormeau would have expressed himself badly about Lino, the son of Cyril Hanouna. ” I arrive a few days ago, nobody knew me. I meet Matthieu who didn’t know who I was, because he don’t care about anyone. », told Nino Arial, then causing some laughter among the public. ” He is there, he discusses with everyone. And you arrived with Lino. », he continued, addressing Cyril Hanouna.

Nino Arial makes revelations about Matthieu Delormeau

The new columnist continues his explanations, encouraged by the troublemaker of the PAF. ” We had just shot the video that we both made. And Matthieu, in his excessive kindness and his legendary honesty, looks at Lino. He starts to say ‘What is he beautiful this child. […] But when you left for the elevator, Matthew turned to me. He said: ‘This child is execrable. I do not can’t stand it‘. », he revealed. Words that caused theindignation other columnists.

In his reminder of the facts, Nino Arial refers to a recent sequence shot with the son of Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, the latter made his first steps on the small screen, to the delight of fans of the show. Wednesday August 31, 2022, it was on the Touche set not at my post that Cyril Hanouna unveiled the images. The 10-year-old boy agreed to participate in a sketch for the sequence The real life of Cyril Hanouna. Lino plays his own role there, while forcing the features of the caricature of a son of a star who would allow himself all the rudeness.

Faced with this revelation, Matthew Delormeau tried everything to defend. But it was not enough ! Cyril Hanouna then took a radical decision. He explains : ” It is very simple. Tomorrow, my son will come to answer you. » Before adding: You will make a showdown with him. And then we’ll make a decision, him and me, about your coming. » A sanction which caused the hilarity of the chroniclers and the public. Matthieu Delormeau, meanwhile, did not appreciate this measure at all.

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A radical sanction launched by Cyril Hanouna against Matthieu Delormeau

Visibly offendedthe principal concerned therefore responded to the facilitator. It’s a kid 8 year old who has never done anything that will tell me if I leave. “, he launched. A spade that caused cries of reprobation to ring out. Especially since Lino is not 8 years old, but 10! To which the host replied: You are off to a very bad start. » This sequence comes a few days after his inappropriate comments on Ayem Nour. “You live from alimony for your son? »he launched into TPMP People. The mother then curtly reframed it, specifying that she “spend this silver exclusively for her little boy. »

Will Matthieu Delormeau be fire ? The decision would now be up to Lino. A sequence that already promises to amuse the public. The other columnists do not hide their pleasure in the face of the situation. Indeed, they often report the inappropriate behaviors of the former star of NRJ 12. However, if they like to throw spades at each other, the members of the C8 band often do it on the tone of humor.

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