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Michel Drucker Had Plastic Surgery, And Here’s His Face Now

Succumb to the call of surgery or even aesthetic medicine is no longer really taboo. More and more people let themselves be tempted and they do not hide it. This concerns Mr. and Mrs. Everybody, but also the stars!

And definitely, it’s time for confession. After Sharon Stone who explained that she had received 300 injections of Botox and fillers in her face, and Karine Le Marchand who said that she had used plastic surgeryit is the turn of another celebrity to speak about his physical transformation.

Today, in the columns of Gala magazine, it is Michel Drucker who has chosen to reveal one of his beauty secrets. Asked by the magazine people, the emblematic presenter of France 2 confided in the subject of his family, his wife, but also of cosmetic surgery.

The only plastic surgery operation he underwent

Yes, Michael Drucker had recourse to cosmetic surgery, he confided without any taboos in the issue dated September 8, 2022. The man who will celebrate his 80 years old clarified that he had never retouched his face, except once.

“Apart from my eyelids some time ago, nothing!”. To keep skin radiant with youth, Michel Drucker prefers cosmetics to injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid.

Her best beauty secret? Anti-aging care! He told Gala magazine to apply “simply outstanding anti-wrinkle creams”. He then joked that “everything is original” !

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“I prefer to keep my wrinkles”

This is actually not the first time that Michel Drucker has mentioned his relationship to cosmetic surgery. He had already confessed a few years ago that he had used this technique to change the appearance of his face.

Remember, in an interview with Paris Match in 2018, the host said: “I once had to have cosmetic surgery because I had an eyelid that was falling off.”

On the other hand, wrinkles do not scare him. “I am not one of those who wait for their next injection of Botox (…). Like my friend Belmondo, I prefer to keep my wrinkles”, he had said.

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