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She gets a piercing in the eyelid, and the result intrigues a lot of internet users

The quest for originality knows no bounds. Having a nice tattoo, dressing uniquely or sporting professional makeup are some commonly chosen options. Other people decide to get piercings to get out of the ordinary. But this young woman dared to have an eyelid piercing, which is very rare!

Indeed, most women today have the pierced ears. many little girls are offered this gift when they are not even old enough to decide! The piercing at navelor those at nose are quite common. More and more, these body jewels are accepted in society.

But it is very rare to see a person with the pierced eyelid ! It is however the case of Meredith Smith, who decided to share his adventure and choice on TikTok. She explains that she chose this piercing when she was 21 years old. She reveals: I had never seen this on anyone before., so I thought it would be really unique, and that’s why I did it. »

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Is the piercing reserved for the alternative style?

Often piercings are associated with tattoos and alternative styling. Indeed, many are the salons of piercing who also offer tattoo ! However, this practice of body modification is becoming more and more widespread. And to do this, you don’t need to sport a rock or punk style!

Most places offering piercing adhere to very strict hygiene standards. In France and in Europe, the regulations are very square, which makes it possible to avoid many worries. infections Where allergies are of course risks involved if the client does not respect the treatment protocol! On the other hand, in other countries outside Europe, pay attention to hygiene, make sure that your piercer uses single-use products!

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An increasingly common practice

Meredith Smith and her pierced eyelid brought together many Internet users, who are asking questions. Most wonder if it’s sore Where annoying. One person even points out: “My eyes started to water just looking at it. I can’t even stand a hair near my eyes! » Some are puzzled, and others admiring.

The practice of piercing is ancestral. Many African, Maori, Inca and other tribes sported body jewelry. And if it continues today, the risks are smaller… So, would you dare to try the eyelid piercing experience?

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