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She is the highest paid influencer in the world, and her salary is (really) indecent

The job ofbeauty influencer was born only a few years ago. And yet, it is already paying off for all those who have taken the turn at the most opportune time. Indeed, the content created by these young women is increasingly acclaimed by brands. Partnerships which sometimes allow them to receive sums of 5 or 6 digits.

This influencer beats all records in terms of salary. Safiya Nygaard brings together 9.5 million subscribers on Youtube, compared to 2.1 million on Instagram and 1.9 million on TikTok. A vast community that allows him to pocket considerable sums. It was the Cosmetify site that drew up the Beauty influencer rich list 2022. The latter aims to determine how much beauty influencers touch per YouTube video, combined with their Instagram and TikTok posts. Three calculator tools – Marketing Hub, Feed Pixel and Nox Influencer – considered ads, sponsored content and donations.

@safiyany turning the 🦄 emoji into a lipstick #beauty #lipstick #diy @safiyany ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

The salary of this influencer is in the hundreds of thousands of euros

Thus, thanks to these tools and data, the site was able to provide an average. And this one is surprising! Indeed, Internet users are often surprised at the sums generated by influencers. This Thursday, September 8, the magazine Further investigation on France 2 was precisely interested in this new profession. In an excerpt from the show, the reality TV candidate Milla Jasmine disclosed his salary in full transparency. ” There are months when you can make 15,000 euros and there are other months when you can make 60,000 euros. she began. ” Are you a millionaire? », then asks the journalist. ” It’s not taboo for me. Yes, i am a millionaire. »she then replied.

For her part, Safiya Nygaard touches €182,544 for each of his videos on Youtube. If we add to this figure the 6,955 euros from each of her Instagram posts and the 1,749 euros from her videos on TikTok, the influencer earns a total average of €191,248 per post. She is closely followed by Huda Kattan, founder of the Huda Beauty brand, which accounts for 172,149 euros. Just behind, James Charles, who himself receives an average of 141,118 euros.

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Impressive sums thanks to partnerships with brands

The recipe for this success ? The pretty brunette invites the‘humor in its beauty content. The influencer, who launched her channel in November 2011, relies on eclecticism to seduce her fans. If she presents the beauty techniques in vogue, Safia Nygaard also pours into the comic. Its contents are original and quirky. For example, she melts 603 lipsticks to create a unique shade. That’s not all ! She also lets her fans choose her next hair color or blindly buys her makeup products.

Depending on the content shared and the influencers involved, the are pocketed can change. Unlike Safia Nygaard, who derives almost exclusively her income from YouTube, Huda Kattan and James Charles earn more money from Instagram. The platform reports €163,307 by publication to the founder of Huda Beauty, or 95% of his total winnings. The make-up artist receives €73,491, more than half of his earnings.

If Safiya Nygaard earns so much on YouTube, it’s because she tries to create a accessible content to each and all. Recently, she posted a video that explains how department stores manage to manipulate consumers and push them to buy. The influencer dissects the strategies of major international brands such asIkea. A content informative and entertainingin English, which speaks to millions of Internet users around the world.

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