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“the curse of the Misses” has struck again

Freshly graduated from her BTS in international trade, the beautiful Maeva Coucke succeeded to Alicia Aylies in her duties as Miss France. The dream began in December 2017 for the pretty redhead. With this new title of Miss France 2018, the young woman has seen her daily life change radically. At the same time, it was also his intimate relationships that were impacted. Indeed, not everything went very well in his personal life.

Invited in The morning without filter Virgin Radio this Thursday, September 8, Maëva Coucke returned to her sentimental life when she was Miss France. She first reminded listeners that she had then been in a relationship for ” almost five years » at this moment. A long relationship in which the trust reigned then. But a curse hangs over the miss France in a relationship with. Indeed, no relationship survives the coronation.

A year of Miss France which has consequences for the couple

The young woman then confided about her couple : “ In fact, we are talking about a curse. But I don’t want to talk about a curse. I will prove that it is wrong and that we can very well stay together. », she said. Unfortunately for her, her relationship has decline. ” I thought he was happy, but deep down he really wasn’t. »she first explained to Diane Leyre, Miss 2022 and columnist on Virgin Radio.

Everything then went very quickly before the rupture definitive. She explains that her boyfriend, after the election of Miss France, won ” a small notoriety in his college”. She explains: He was Miss France’s boyfriend. Most girls saw him as a target. They wanted it. It was a small challenge for them. » being thus “tremendously flirted he would not have waited long before commit the irreparableHe was never really faithful. First said Maeva Coucke. Before adding: It’s a unfaithful man. He may have Miss France as a girlfriend, he still goes elsewhere. “, she concluded.

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A curse that continues year after year for Miss France

This same curse had struck Iris Mittenaere. The young woman, newly engaged to Diego El Glaouiwas then in a relationship with a man named Matthew at the time of his coronation. Questioned by our colleagues from Paris Match in December 2020, the brown bomb also returned to her rupture with this ex. The opportunity for her to warn Miss France 2021, Amandine Petit. “ Frankly, it’s complicated to be in a relationship that year. said the former Miss Universe.

Iris Mittenaere then recalled that love stories do not don’t last during Miss France. She confided: It’s hard to even know what you want. And to give space to someone in our life. » Before adding: Miss France’s life is not an easy year to be in a relationship with. » Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais had also warned Amandine Petit. She then responded on Europe 1. “ When a relationship has lasted six years, it is not the fact of being elected Miss France that will change a lot. “, she said. But the sequel did not prove him right. In April 2021, the young woman had indicated to Gala that she was single.

Since then, the one that succeeded Clemence Botino speaks little about his sentimental life. In January 2022, she confided in the columns of TV Star. ” Over the past year, when people asked me what my tastes were on such and such a thing, I always answered. But I said nothing about my private life. So I will continue. My companion is my cat. It is necessary to know how to keep a part of private life to achieve a some balance. » Amandine Small is she also a victim of the curse? Perhaps she will confide in this subject in the coming months!

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