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this first outing look after the death of the Queen of England

The Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge was somber at the wheel of her car. Kate Middleton was seen for the first time since the Queen’s death. She was photographed on September 9 driving her car in Windsor. She wore a black sweater and had her eyes covered by sunglasses.

In this photo posted on Twitter, we can also see that she was wearing pearl earrings. Pearls being considered as mourning jewelry. It is believed that she was on her way to pick up her children from school. It is also for this same reason that she would not have gone to Balmoral yesterday with her husband.

Mourning look for Kate Middleton, close to the late Queen Elizabeth II

Prince William went to Balmoral yesterday after doctors said they were worried about the health of his 96-year-old grandmother. Kate Middleton she had stayed in Windsor to take her children to their first day at their new school. A last moment that she may have had a hard time with the views of her proximity to the queen.

The two women had been from the same family since the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William in April 2011. Additionally, they were also professional collaborators. Their mission is to maintain the status and influence of the monarchy through charitable commitments and official patronage. But also to support the British government in its diplomacy.

In public, the two women readily appeared close, even accomplices. They would even have a very sincere relationshipaccording to various scholars of royalty. “Kate has her own direct phone line to speak to the Queen and she calls to check on her and update her on her children”reported the Express UK in 2021. Kate Middleton is then certainly really in mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

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What Elizabeth 2’s death will change for Kate Middleton

Yesterday, shortly after 6:30 p.m., Buckingham Palace issued a press release to confirm the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It was written : “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen Consort will stay at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow. » As a result, William and Kate Middleton are now also the duke and the Duchess of Cornwalls – having inherited the former titles of king and queen consort.

They will take the titles of Duke and Duchess of Rothesay when they are in Scotland. King Charles is expected to make his eldest son William the Prince of Wales, a title traditionally given to the heir to the throne. This title is not automatic and must be conferred on the heir by the monarch. If this happens, Kate Middleton may use the title of princess of wales – a title previously held by his late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

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