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With her 4 children, Elizabeth II upset the tradition on the breastfeeding of the royal family

During her lifetime, Elizabeth II profoundly marked the morals of the royal family of England. Died on September 8, 2022, here is what she leaves behind in particular.

Previously, royal mothers hired nannies to breastfeed their newborns in order to resume their royal duties more quickly. “The queens were free to resume their duties and begin the process of designing the next heir. It was also thought that breast milk would curdle if marital relations resumed before weaning”wrote royal historian Amy License in the Guardian.

Elizabeth II revolutionized the breastfeeding mores of the royal family

The late Queen Elizabeth II had chosen to ignore this rule, apparently choosing to breastfeed her children Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. A decision that had triggered a real revolution within the mores of the royal family.

However, Elizabeth II was forced to stop breastfeeding her firstborn, Prince Charles, after contracting measles. She would therefore have breastfed him for only 2 months after giving birth.

Before Elizabeth II, royal mothers were generally not very keen on the idea of ​​breastfeeding and many felt that it did not suit the image of the royal family. For example, Queen Victoria was totally reluctant to the idea.

The royal correspondent ofABC NewsVictoria Arbiter, told the outlet in 2013: “Of course, it’s hard for us to know for sure, but Queen Victoria was adamant that she found breastfeeding disgusting.

Royal family of England: what about today?

Although Princess Margaret, unlike her sister, found breastfeeding to be ” of bad taste” the princess diana and Kate Middleton followed in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth II by both choosing to breastfeed their children.

Senior royal sources told the Mirror in 2013 that Kate Middleton had chosen to breastfeed Prince George and that he had “a good appetite”.

“But don’t expect Kate to be photographed breastfeeding. She doesn’t want to become a pin-up for the breastfeeding lobby”the source said. “She thinks it’s a matter of personal choice and that new mums should do what’s best for them and their baby.

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