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Can grape pomace help eliminate cellulite?

It is the active principles of grape marc that make its benefits. Indeed it contains many active substances on the body: anthocyanins (the pigments giving color to black grapes), flavonoids, fibersphenolic acids, resveratrol…

1- Benefit noh1 of grape marc: an ally against oxidative stress

To understand the antioxidant effects grape marc, we must first remember what oxidative stress is. Oxidation reactions are necessary for the life of any living organism. The problem is not so much oxidation as its excess, which creates stress on the body. And this stress directly attacks the cells, especially those of the skin, but also other organs. Thus it is now proven that oxidative stress is the cause of DNA mutations, cancer, premature aging of the skin, lung diseases, cardiovascular pathologies, cognitive disorders(1)

Studies now prove that the exceptional content of grape marc in antioxidant chemical compounds allows it toeliminate some of the free radicals in the body and so, counter oxidative stress. With some noticeable effects on the bodyamong which(2) :

  • anti-wrinkle and anti-aging action;
  • protection of veins and arteries;
  • reduction of the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular damage, etc.;
  • reduced risk of osteoporosis;
  • less inflammation.

2- Benefit noh2: a potential slimming and anti-cellulite ingredient

Even better : grape marc could have slimming properties and limit the appearance of cellulite. In question, its potential effects on adipose tissue, cholesterol and venous tone.

  • grape marc, by improving glucose tolerance and reducing oxidation, could reduce inflammation of fat cells (subcutaneous fat cells)(3) ;
  • when ingested, it could neutralize the absorption of dietary fat and so limit their storage by the body (combined effect of its polyphenols and its dietary fibers), so that it could prove to be a slimming ingredient(4) ;
  • rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant substance which, for some time, has talk a lot about herthe grape marc would have a beneficial effect on the arteries, veins and lymphatic vesselsprotecting their walls and promoting the proper circulation of vital fluids(5). So he could prevent feelings of heavy legs, the phenomenon of Water retention and the accumulation of toxins in the tissuesa direct consequence of circulatory problems.

Due to its beneficial effects on the veno-lymphatic system and inhibitors of adipocyte inflammation and fat assimilation, grape marc acts on the various constituents of cellulite. It could therefore be a key ingredient in anti-cellulite products.

How to use grape marc to fight cellulite?

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