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Can green clay help fade stretch marks?

If you are a fan of home care, there is a good chance that you have already used green clay. This mineral powder, derived from nature, is indeed a must in cosmetics, praised among other things for its purifying qualities. But does green clay have other benefits? Moreover, does it have a particular effectiveness for the treatment of stretch marks?

What is green clay?

It’s about a soft sedimentary matter, very mineralized, resulting from the erosion of the various rocks of the earth’s crust. Its manufacture is very simple: it is extracted from natural environments, crushed and ground into powderthen dried at high heat to eliminate any microbiological charge. She must its color its mineral contentin this case the ferric oxidesthe silica and the trace elements (iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, among others). There are two kinds: the illitesuitable for combination and oily skin and the montmorillonitesofter, suitable for all skin types.

L’Green clay is used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes and has been since the dawn of time. Thus, the Egyptians used it to heal wounds, the Romans used it in case of pain or deep wounds and even during the First World War, doctors recommended it as a gastric bandage to stem epidemics of dysentery. As much as green clay is rich in multiple benefits!

What are the benefits of green clay?

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