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her stylist reveals 6 fashion secrets about the Queen of England

What fashion enthusiast would never have dreamed of dressing the Queen of England ? This dream job Angela Kelly lived it awake for more than 30 years since it was in 1992 that the 64-year-old designer was presented for the first time at Elizabeth II.

Who is Angela Kelly, Elizabeth II’s stylist?

That same year, the one who is now called “the Queen’s dresser” or even “The Queen’s Dresser”, had made the the most significant meeting of his life. Introduced to the monarch in the 1990s when she accompanied British Ambassador Sir Christopher Mallaby to Germany for whom she was a governess, Angela Kelly came face to face with Her Majesty the Queen.

On an official visit to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Elizabeth II and her head seamstress Peggy Hoath at the time, had been welcomed by the sovereign. A memorable moment, since shortly after, Angela Kelly was contacted by Peggy Hoath who had invited him to join her sewing workshop before retiring. It was in 1995 that the former governess was appointed “responsible for making Her Majesty’s dresses, hats, shoes, bags and jewelry” as reported Vanity Fair. It took until 2002 for the Queen Elizabeth II becomes the personal assistant and main dresser. Here are the wardrobe secrets according to Angela Kelly.

More than a stylist, a confidante

Known for having the same outspokenness as Prince Philip, Elizabeth II’s personal stylist had a particular talent for respecting royal dress protocol. Several qualities among many others, which earned Angela Kelly the merit of being considered a close friend by the Queen of England. From this close friendship, the seamstress from Liverpool notably wrote a book The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen (The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen) published in 2019 in which she reveals the most surprising secrets.

Elizabeth II: 6 anecdotes about her wardrobe, according to her stylist Angela Kelly

Her stylist wore her shoes

Not because they were close and shared everything, but simply because her stylist wanted soften shoe leather of the queen before she wears them. Facts confirmed by the main interested party and author of the book The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and the Wardrobe. A godsend since the two women wore the same size.

Her outfits often had a liner to…

According to Angela Kelly, sometimes extra liners were sewn inside her clothes for comfort. In particular to help the monarch support the heavy weight of her royal jewelry sets.

Elizabeth II owned more than 200 handbags

Although she mainly wore black handbags, Elizabeth II had more than 200 models in her collection. According to Angela Kelly, the grandmother of Prince William and Prince Harry always had a small mirror, a ticket or two for the mass, family photos, a lipstick as well as a pair of reading glasses for his crossword. Much more than a fashion accessory, her handbag was used to send an alarm signal to her security teams.

Elizabeth II has been completely revamped

From the hiring of Angela Kelly in the 1990s (who had come to work alongside her personal dresser at the time Bobo MacDonald) Elizabeth II had to deal with a change of look radical. The proof is when you compare her old and her much more colorful and current wardrobe. flashy. A fashion trick allowing the monarch to be visible at first glance even in a crowd, and which earned her the nickname “rainbow queen”.

Elizabeth II was invited by Angela Kelly to her first fashion show

It was in 2018 that Elizabeth II attended her first fashion show. Sitting alongside Anna Wintour (the popess of fashion), the then 91-year-old sovereign had been invited by Angela Kelly. And it was during London Fashion Week that she was able to discover Richard Quinn’s fall-winter 2018-2019 collection.

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