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his shocking remarks on pregnant women, “It’s big, it’s ugly”

The programs of the small screen were largely upset this Thursday, September 8. The reason ? The passing of beloved Queen Elizabeth II at 96. Nevertheless, Cyril Hanouna had decided to program a version, altogether classic, of his program Touche pas à mon poste with a simple intervention from his specialist house concerning the royal family, Bertrand Deckers. The show was proceeding normally until Sasha Elbaz’s column arrived. The columnist shares this Thursday, with viewers, the images taken during the commercial breaks of TPMP during the week. These “off” pictures are not normally supposed to be broadcast and sometimes reveal another side of the columnists.

Mathieu Delormeau caught in the act

We thus discover in this sequence a Matthieu Delormeau very critical of pregnancy and pregnant women. Thus, when, off the air, Kelly Vedovelli asks him about the host and former reality TV show candidate, Capucine Adav: “Don’t you think Capucine is even more beautiful now pregnant than before?” » Here is the respondent’s response: “Well no, a pregnant woman is ugly! It’s 20 pounds heavier. It’s big, it’s not beautiful.

His remarks were declared in a humorous tone, but we did not expect such a scathing response from the person concerned. He shocked his fellow columnists and viewers during the broadcast of this sequence soberly titled “Matthieu le Tarba”.

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Private from TPMP People

The reaction of his boss was not long in coming. Cyril Hanouna decided on the spot and decided to deprive its columnist of antenna. “You will be removed from TPMP People, from the end of the year of December. It will be Benjamin Castaldi who will take over in January. » did he declare.

Words spoken off-air that may be heavy consequences for the 48-year-old host. This is not the first time that the 48-year-old troublemaker and his boss have been pinned down for sometimes borderline remarks. And we also know that the producer of the show has been called to order several times by the CSA.

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