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She turns on the TV and finds 8 years after her scammer with Philippe Etchebest in “Nightmare in the kitchen”

It’s a bad memory which she would have done well… While watching TV, Catherine Besson came across the trailer for the next episode of the show Cauchemar en cuisine which was to be scheduled the same evening. She immediately recognized the one who, eight years earlier, had stolen her motorhome.

I didn’t come back. It’s her. She dares to appear. she tells Free Charente. She talks about Isabelle Punjot, a restaurant owner from Argelès-sur-mer who got help from Philippe Etchebest to save her struggling restaurant. A restaurateur whom Catherine Besson remembers perfectly.

A troubled past

In the 2010s, she made herself known when facts were revealed scam everywhere in France. She spotted motorhomes on the Le Bon Coin site, rented them but did not return them at the end of the rental. The scam had been estimated at approximately 4 million euros and Isabelle Punjot had been sentenced to 4 years in prison, 2 of which were suspended.

Today, she has converted to catering and promotes the right to be forgotten. I knew that by going on TV, my past would resurface. (…) I made mistakes, it’s true. Not everyone can be snow white. I paid, and even heavily for what I did. » she confides to the newspaper.

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The pill is hard to pass for Catherine

Catherine does not understand that M6 could have helped thecon artist in distress. “I see that she was helped by a great chef like Etchebest to restart her business which was not working and will be paid for everything by the production of M6 whereas I, for eight years, I never received the 30,000 euros in damages. (…) I accept very badly this display on TV. » she explains on a daily basis.

On the production side, we deny being aware of the candidate’s troubled past and we indicate that we have received an extract from the criminal record. “A priori, the one this lady entrusted to us was a virgin” indicates the press secretary. These explanations will not console Catherine who wants to watch the show which has been canceled due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “I’m going to watch the show because I think I have no choice. But for sure, I’m going to cry all evening.

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