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Slimming bowl cake: discover our recipes!

You love taking the time of a real breakfast the morning. But now, are you in a hurry, not inspired, looking for something new? What if you got into the bowl cake fashion? You can even prepare it the night before for the next day, to save as much time as possible in the morning. Here are some recipes, slimming version.

What is a bowl cake?

the bowl cake, that’s it large version of the mug cake. It is actually a express cake : it is prepared in a few strokes of the spoon, mixing recipe ingredients in a bowl (“bowl” in English) and cooking the mixture in the microwave. Once the cake is cooked and unmolded, all you have to do is garnish it with some fresh fruit, Honey or maple syrup, and you’re done. The preparation is super fast, easy and very tasty!

Classically, the bowl cake is eaten at breakfast. So he prepares himself with basic breakfast ingredients cereals such as oatmeal, muesli, chia seeds or granola, milk cow or vegetable – to which we add a egg and a bit of yeast. But preparation can be enriched with a multitude of other ingredients : banana for energy, spirulina for the healthy, chocolate chips for the gourmet, spices for the exotic… The variations are endless and can be adapted to all tastes. There are even recipes adapted to vegan and gluten intolerant. The advantage: it is fun, satisfying and complete. Perfect when watching your line…

And the bowl cake, thanks to its success and its practical aspect, is also available for other meals, thanks to very nice savory versions!

Do you want to get started and are looking for some recipes? Here are some slimming bowl cake suggestions!

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