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Smooth, curly, fine, frizzy… Here’s how to brush your hair correctly according to your hair type

Essential step in the hair beauty routine: the brushing. The latter may seem trivial and yet it is often responsible for the good or bad hair health. Unsuitable gestures on your type of hair fiber can, in fact, gradually damage them. To maintain dream hair, here are the good gestures and tools to integrate into your daily life.

For the thin hairthe most important thing is to use a brush that is sufficiently gentle. Thus, that of boar hair rich in keratin suitable for fine hair that is prone to breakage. You should also avoid combing your hair if it is wet or damp. Indeed, water makes them more vulnerable. Avoid insisting on the level of the roots during brushing, for fear of activating the production of sebum. You can also take with you a Detangler Brush to make quick touch-ups throughout the day.

Choose a brush or comb adapted to your hair

The curly hair offer many obstacles while brushing. The brush may detangle, but it will also break the loops and come to get stuck in the knots. The hair can then be brushed during the washing step. It is important that your hair stays wet for this step. You can also begin to untangle them using your fingers. As for the accessories, take a comb wide teeth or a skeleton brush with large bristles. Another important detail: always start brushing your hair from the ends to the roots.

The trick anti-frizz ? The boar bristle brush! The latter makes it possible to better spread the natural sebum from the roots to the tips and therefore to limit frizz. Another must-have accessory: the wide-toothed comb. Indeed, the more you touch your hair, the more you accentuate the phenomenon of frizz. This accessory therefore makes it possible to detangle the hair in a minimum of gestures. A bad habit is also to be banished: taking very hot showers! L’Hot water opens the cuticle of the hair shaft, lifts it, dries the hair and causes them to seek humidity, which then causes frizz.

In order not to multiply the nodes on the frizzy hairyou can start “ pre-detangle » when they are wet. After applying the conditioner, gently swipe your fingers between your locks. You can also use a coarse-toothed comb. Be sure to comb through on the tips then to go up gradually to the root. In any case, do not try to undo your knots when your hair is dry! If detangling does not take place in the shower, then consider using a water spray to which one can mix a detangling oil.

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If your hair is sparse or stained, they are more likely to break. You can then use a moisturizer to facilitate brushing. For a softer approach, it is preferable to adopt a brush with synthetic bristles rather than natural hair. Indeed, the latter slide more easily on your locks. After the shower, it is better to leave your hair to dry before moving on to the brushing step.

Finally, certain gestures can be avoided to keep hair healthy. healthy. Having a suitable and quality brush is good, but maintain it properly, it’s even better ! Indeed, it can quickly turn into a real nest of germs and dust. So take the time to clean it before using it! The detangling care are also excellent allies. For fine hair, the best is to choose a spray, this will avoid weighing them down. Normal hair will prefer a serum and thick and/or curly hair a cream or a balmricher.

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