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the incredible secret about her wedding dress

While Queen of England sadly passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday, September 8, 2022, the most surprising secrets relating to her long life are just waiting to be revealed. If the editorial staff has set out to paint a portrait of 45 anecdotes about the mother of the now King Charles III, the time has come to dwell on the wedding dress of Elizabeth II.

The wedding of Elizabeth II and Philip Mountbatten

November 20, 1947. 11:30 am, the carriage gilded with solid Irish State gold of the young princess makes its way past the crowd. Arrived in front of Westminster Abbey, Lilibeth prepares to unite with the man of her life, Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, whom she met eight years earlier. The people are in joy, especially since this royal wedding comes just after the war. With a majestic step, Elizabeth II, who was not yet Queen of England at the time, walked towards her future husband, on the arm of her father, King George VI.

Elizabeth II’s wedding dress: the secret it holds

It is in a spectacular wedding dress that the monarch dazzles the 2,500 guests. A wedding dress made by fashion designer Norman Hartnell, adorned with 10,000 beads sewn in a Botticelli-inspired flower design and embellished with a long 4-meter silk train entirely embroidered with flowers. Incredibly, Elizabeth II’s wedding train was funded with ration coupons. Remember that this ceremony is almost the day after the war, at a time when the economy had been strongly impacted. It is thanks to generous donations in this form that Queen Elizabeth II was able to afford the perfect wedding dress which was reproduced for the needs of the Netflix series The Crown.

Elizabeth II: her wedding dress reproduced for The Crown

The replica of the late Queen of England’s wedding dress required meticulous reproduction work. Series costume designer Michele Clapton reports that the carbon copy cost £30,000. ” It was undoubtedly the biggest challenge of the production” says the stylist who was notably called upon for the filming of the Game of Thrones series. “Luckily, the Queen’s marriage is well documented. I looked at hours and hours of videos and archival photos, but unfortunately I missed, within a few weeks, the exhibition of the dress itself at Buckingham Palace.


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A perfect replica, except for one detail

If the resemblance between the two dresses is obviously very close, some details have been modified. ” Norman Hartnell had used a silk that was arguably softer and more fluid than the duchess satin we opted for, but the color and sheen of this textile looked better on camera. And even if the train reconstructed by his teams is narrower than the original, the embroideries inspired by Le Printemps de Botticelli have been reproduced according to the rules of the art thanks to computer-enlarged photos and used to create the canvases. “It was a huge job, but this dress has marked the collective memory of the English so much that we could not do otherwise.“. Reproduced but never equalled, the wedding dress of Elizabeth II is added to all the riches of the crown.

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