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the lipstick of this French brand which was created especially for her

Queen Elizabeth II was such an important character that we couldn’t deny her anything. She had almost all the rights! Did you know, for example, that she drove without a driver’s license and traveled without a passport?

And of course, when she asked for something, she got it! Her Majesty, concerned about her appearance, was very fond of wearing makeup. She made a very special request.

You have probably already noticed it! The queen very often wore lipstick. Thus, on the occasion of her coronation in 1953, she wanted a very special makeup product to dress her mouth.

A special lipstick for the Queen’s coronation

Elizabeth II entrusted a precious mission to a very famous French brand. The queen charged the Parisian house Clarins to make for her a classic and rich lipstick.

According to the newspaper The Telegraph, the one nicknamed Lilibet asked for a lipstick whose shade would match her ceremonial dresses. But not only !

The formulation of the product has also been worked on so that the queen’s make-up lasts throughout the coronation ceremony, ie several hours.

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Always a lipstick in her purse!

Elizabeth II always had a lipstick tucked away in her purse. She did not hesitate to carry out small make-up touch-ups, even in public, when necessary.

Sally Bedell Smith, journalist and author of the book Elizabeth the Queen: The Woman Behind the Throne, explained in her book that she used to put makeup on several times a day.

“At the end of a lunch or a dinner, even a banquet set with vermeil and old porcelain, she has the habit, a little outraged, of opening her bag, taking out a powder compact and putting her lipstick, specified the American journalist.

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