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this color of clothing in which she shines

The former first lady of the United States and her daughter produced, co-wrote and hosted a documentary series. It has been broadcast on the Apple TV+ platform since September 9. In each episode, hillary clinton and Chelsea Clinton, meet the women who inspired them. They immerse themselves in the intimacy of each without taboo.

The series named Gutsy which means “temerity” is adapted from their book The Book of Gustsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience. The eight episodes each tell the extraordinary course of a different woman. We can enter into the intimacy of mothers, comedians or even pastors. We also meet celebrities, such as ethnologist Jane Goodall, feminist activist Gloria Steinheim or actress Goldie Hawn.

The yellow outfit that makes Hillary Clinton shine

The first of their documentary series Gusty Apple took place at the Times Center Theater in New York. For the occasion, hillary clinton and his chelsea girl were posing together. We were then able to see the 74-year-old woman in a solar color that suits her perfectly. She wore a black pantsuit over a yellow blouse brilliant.

We discover or rediscover thathillary clinton wears this bright color very well. This yellow top made her shine, gives her a healthy glow and even a natural tan. With her big blue eyes and her luminous blonde, the canary color is perfect. We love this style chosen by the former First Lady.

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Hillary Clinton, in yellow yes, but not in a skirt

Did you notice thathillary clinton don’t wear skirts? In a recent interview with the American channel CBS, the former First Lady returned to an event that now determines the choice of her outfits! This bad experience took place in 1995 during an official trip to Brazil.

“I was seated on a sofa and the press was allowed in. There were a bunch of photographers who machine-gunned,” she recalls. After that, the White House was alerted by billboards that showed Hillary Clinton sitting with her legs together, “at least that’s what I thought”. ‘But the way it was shot made it suggestive’she explains to the journalist of the chain CBS. And this, simply because she wore a skirt that day!

hillary clinton is a woman, and a very beautiful lady of 74 years old. Unfortunately, even with the level of respect due to her, sexism affects her too. She is also committed and often takes the side of speaking when stories affect her on this subject. It doesn’t matter that she no longer wears a skirt, we wish her to wear yellow! How about yellow pants?

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