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This woman was pregnant for 13 months, the LONGEST pregnancy in the world

Most mothers who have carried their pregnancy to term can say that 9 months already seems (very) long. Jackie Haddock is breaking all records with her extended pregnancy which lasted… 398 days (against 273 days on average)!

When she was 23 years old, this Englishwoman was indeed pregnant for 13 long months. Although this history goes back several decades, this performance remains to this day an unequaled record.

The longest pregnancy in the world lasted 13 months and a week, a record

Convinced of having reached full term, Jackie Haddock goes to the London hospital with the idea of ​​being able to give birth without too much delay. But the doctors will not agree! After consultation, they will indeed take the young woman back, considering that it was too early to give birth to the baby… And this, despite the 9 months that have passed.

Several weeks will pass then, without anything happening. As she entered her 12th month of pregnancy, Jackie Haddock’s psychological state continued to worsen. As revealed Terrafemina in an article at the time, she confided: I’m very tired and I’m sick to death from waiting “.

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A baby girl who weighed no more than 1,360 kg at birth

It was finally after 13 months and a week of pregnancy that Jackie Haddock gave birth to a little girl. Although the pregnancy lasted more than a year, the long-awaited baby weighed no more than 1,360 kg at birth.

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I expected her to weigh three times as much “, had then declared Brian Haddock, the father of little Sarah Jane. Jackie Haddock said: I don’t think we will have another child after this because I suffered “.

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