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What are the benefits of apricot kernel powder?

Among the recurring ingredients of face and body care, apricot kernel powder is a must. Natural, easy to incorporate into preparations, effective and gentle on the skin, it is an ingredient of choice. But what are its real benefits and how to use it well?

What is apricot kernel powder?

It’s about a solution powdermore or less thin, made from the crushing the shell of apricot kernels. The grinding stage is generally followed by other stages:

  • siftingto remove the largest particles;
  • sterilizationgenerally carried out with steam, to guarantee microbiological purity.

It is an ingredient of choice in cosmetics, mainly used in exfoliating solutions :

  • them scrubs face and body ;
  • exfoliating treatments for the feet and hands;
  • them soaps scrubs;
  • exfoliating shower gels and creams.

Finally, it should be specified that the apricot kernel powder does not contain the small almonds present in the pits. These are removed before the grinding is rather used to makevegetable oil apricotalso widely used in cosmetics.

Apricot kernel powder: what are the benefits?

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