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her brother was ‘stolen’ from her mother, ‘she could never really be happy’

In his new book, The letter, which will be published on September 21 by Editions du Rocher, Patrick Sabatier evokes parts of his life that he had until then kept secret. The novel is almost autobiographical and he tells the story ofa mother whose child was taken away. There are also new revelations.

“The story rests on pillars of truth, but I put a romantic distance, because I did not have enough direct testimony for an autobiography. Everything I missed, I imagined. But everything I imagined is potentially true. » he declared during an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Leisure.

He discovers the existence of this brother of sixty years

The novel is very largely inspired by his own life and he too learned of the existence of this hidden brother. “Yes, I too discovered late that I had a half-brother. (…) In the end, the only person I didn’t interview in depth was my mother. Maybe I would have learned things sooner…” he continues in the newspaper.

Patrick Sabatier explains that the meeting was only possible thanks to the celebrity of the person who hosted Wanted poster, a program in which the guest finds friends he has lost sight of. “Shis father always told him that his mother was dead. It was in a posthumous letter from his father that he learned that he was the son of the mother of the man he saw on TV…”.

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They stole her child

Patrick Sabatier thus reveals the heartbreaking separation : “ There was a divorce decree and it was considered that this young immigrant without education or money could not keep this child. He was forbidden to see him. From then on, I imagined his suffering. »

The book tells, in fact, the life of Emma, ​​a young Italian immigrant who arrives in France and gives birth to the one who will become a famous TV host. In reality, the mother of Patrick Sabatier was called Emilienne Rossi. One way for the former Game of Truth host to fill in the gaps of his own story of which he will never know all the facets.

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