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Horoscope for the week from September 12 to 18, 2022, here is what awaits you

The week begins its course in the fiery sign of Aries. This will give a good dose of energy to the whole zodiac, which can enjoy an energetic start after the Full Moon in Pisces.

Then, the star of the night will continue its way towards the sign of Taurus where it will be from Tuesday afternoon. This sign will bring tranquility and sweetness to our midweek.

Then, for the weekend, the constellation of Gemini will receive the Moon so that we can have fun with charm and lightness. On Sunday, the Moon will finally enter the sign of Cancer where it will ask for rest and time for the affections.

Beautiful week under the blue sky!

Horoscope for the week from September 12 to 18, 2022: love, health, work…


The week will start off rough for you, dear Aries! Your mind is very active at the moment and this can help you in certain aspects, but be careful not to verge on overwork! Keep calm.


Uranus in your sign will be excited this week bringing you hyperkinetic energy that can end up being a bit tiring. Avoid spreading yourself too thin and try to find a focal point for your thoughts.


Your week could be quiet if you watch what you say, Gemini friend. Don’t forget that right now your ruling planet, retrograde Mercury, opposes Jupiter in Aries, which is also in full retrograde. Think carefully before speaking and watch your intonation.


Your changing moods could go on a roller coaster this week. Be careful on Friday, September 16, when the Moon conjuncts Mars, or you could lose control of your temper and start a fight. You have been warned!


This week may be an opportunity to rethink certain aspects of your life where things are not very clear. With Neptune in opposition to the Sun, your ruling star, you may need to examine the areas that follow chimeras that will leave you with nothing in reality.


This week, you might uncover deception or hidden lies in a relationship important to you. Do not be closed and try to understand why the truth has been hidden from you, everything has a solution when there is love.


Your ruling planet, gentle Venus, will be in conflict all week with Mars, its cosmic antithesis, creating inner dilemmas that will be difficult for you to untangle. When in doubt, trust your intuition.


This week you will have great inspiration and be able to actively express it. Be careful on Friday the 16th, when your night ruler Mars conjuncts the Moon in Gemini, as there could be an overflow of feelings on your part.


With Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Aries and in tension with Mercury retrograde in turn, be careful what you say. Don’t leak information that doesn’t belong to you. Now is not the time to share your feelings for someone either! Stay quiet for now!


You may feel like you’re spending too much right now, but you need to stop worrying about money. Hard work and dedication will secure you a better future, so stop worrying about money.


This week, you may feel a little limited in your ability to communicate how you feel. Seeing things from a negative angle will not help you. Saturn in your sign could inhibit you. From the middle of the week, you will feel better, courage!

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After the Full Moon in your constellation this week, you will feel a little tired from so many released emotions. While some of the memories you’ve let go may have hurt your ego, the Sun and Neptune this week will be working to heal it so you’ll be okay!

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