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Ivy against cellulite: really effective?

There are mainly two ways to use climbing ivy to treat cellulite and fight against its inconveniences (water retention, heavy legs).

1- Use in herbal tea

The first way is the oral routethrough the preparation of herbal teas draining and veinotonic. Thus, ivy leaves can be combined with other beneficial plants for veno-lymphatic health, such as pilosella, orthosiphon, red vinehorse chestnut or meadowsweet.

2- Cutaneous use

The second way is dermal. Ivy has been used as a poultice or macerate for centuries to heal. These ancestral techniques are perfectly reproducible today.

  • To prepare an anti-cellulite macerate : it is enough for example to let macerate some cut or crushed ivy leaves in a littlenatural vegetable oilabout ten days, to filter the macerate and to apply it every day on the areas affected by cellulite (thighs, buttocks, legs), by massages.
  • To prepare an anti-cellulite body mask : you can also prepare an anti-cellulite poultice by boiling 100 g of ivy leaves in 500 ml of water, then mixing in a littlepowdered green clay. Then, this preparation is applied to the affected areas, to leave on for about twenty minutes, then to rinse with clear water.

3- The cosmetic solution

Finally, if you don’t want to prepare your homemade cosmetics yourself, know that you can find anti-cellulite treatments prepared from ivy. This is the case of our Anti Cellulite Massage Oil, a must in our cellulite range. It can be used alone or with a massage accessory (Suction cup, Electric suction cup, Gua Sha Body, Orange Skin Massager), every day. Its composition is unique and 99% natural:

  • a combination of sunflower oil and sweet almond oilwhose properties and textures are perfectly suited to the anti cellulite massage ;
  • excerpts from grapefruita fruit renowned for its lipolytic action, which encourages adipocyte emptying and gets rid of its dimples;
  • climbing ivy which, as explained, acts both on microcirculation, drainage and prevention of water retention.

A few minutes of massage is enough to quickly notice a difference: tighter, firmer skin, reduced cellulite. The most important: massage every day! But what a moment of pleasure, just for yourself…


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