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Sun-eating, a dangerous new slimming trend?

Slimming at all costs… that’s what’s going on here. Whimsical, even dangerous, slimming trends are multiplying as much as dictates are becoming strong. The latest comes to us from China and bears the sweet name of sun-eating. But what is this practice which, as its name suggests, recommends “eating the sun” to lose weight? What are the risks ?

What is sun eating?

the sun eating (literally “to eat the sun”), also called sun gazing (“staring at the sun”) is a slimming trend born in China, very popular in Hong Kong. The principle, very fanciful, consists in farea facing the sun and “feeding” on its rays, supposed to act as a meal replacement.

Practitioners, mostly women in their 20s and 30s, recommend starting with a session of 10 seconds, then increase by 10 seconds each day, until reaching 44 minutes of sun exposure (i.e. 9 months). Another recommendation from gazers (fans of sun-eating): sun-eating is easier to start in the eveningduring sunset, and would allow go without dinner. Thus it is not uncommon to witness a strange ballet, from the end of the afternoon, on the Hong Kong beaches: dozens of young women, equipped with sunglasses, parasols or masks, pressing to face the sun and stare at it for long minutes.

Finally, other benefits are mentioned by its followers: in addition to its ” appetite suppressant which would ultimately allow losing weight, sun-eating would be therapeutic. It would allow regenerate visual acuityof promote the sleep and D’improve your overall quality of life.

Does sun-eating actually help you lose weight?

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